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Publication Requirement

All corporations in Pennsylvania – including foreign companies and non-profits – must publish a notice of their formation. Failure to comply may result in limited court access, as well as personal liabilities.

According to the statutes, the publication must be made in two newspapers of general circulation – including a legal journal, if possible – in the county of business. The notices should contain the company’s name and a statement about its organization under the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law of 1988.

Types of Organization: Corporations
Applies to Foreign (out-of-state): (only foreign)
Time Limit: -
Publication Run: once
Publication Guideline: “two newspapers of general circulation, including a legal journal, if possible.”
Penalty for Not Publishing: limited court access, personal liabilities
Additional Requirements for: -

If a DBA is registered where the entity includes an individual party, Pennsylvania requires that a notice be published.

DBA Publication Requirement

When registering for a DBA in Pennsylvania, if the entity includes an individual party, it must publish a notice of intention to file for the registration of a DBA. The notice should include mention of the trade name, a statement, the full address of the principal place of business, and the names and full addresses of all people party to the registration. It should appear in a publication of the business’s county, during the days surrounding the filing.

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