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Our goal at EZ Legal Publishing is to take some of the stress out of running your company.

We were founded by a group of attorneys who saw how useful a publishing and filing service could be to almost any business, and noticed room for improvement in the existing service-suppliers. We understand there’s no end to the chores and hassles of running a company, so we want to help where we can. We handle all of your publishing requirements, from start to finish, no matter your state. That’s one less thing you have to worry about.

ease the burden

Of course you’re free to handle the publishing requirements yourself. Our service is offered only to ease the burden, and to ensure that everything is taken care of smoothly, quickly, and without error. While this may be your first time dealing with these regulations, we handle them every day. We know which requirements apply where, and we work regularly with county clerks, government administrators, and the publishers of legal newspapers. After you supply the basic information we need, you won’t have to give it a second thought.

satisfied clients

Furthermore, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Other publishing services will try to reel you in with hidden fees and implausible gimmicks. They will cite only their service fee at first, and then later reveal the additional government and newspaper fees.

We always quote the total price up front, with each and every fee. That way you know what you’re getting into before you pay. Our honesty, mixed with our results, is why all our clients remain completely satisfied… or their money back!

Free Consultation: 1-800-530-0286

Have you recently registered a DBA?

A lot of states have publishing requirements for trade names as well, and our service extends to these as well.