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1. How do I find the publication requirements for my state?
Finding the individual publishing requirements for your state can be hard work, as the information you would need is often scattered across various sources. That’s why we had our team compile the publishing requirements for each applicable state and consolidate the information onto our site. Simply go to our Get Started page and click your state. There you will find that state’s requirements in an easy-to-read chart.
2. What is the difference between foreign and domestic entities?
When discussing entities doing business on a state level, domestic refers to companies native to or with its principal office in the state, while foreign refers to companies from a different state.  
3. Can't we just do the publishing ourselves?
Of course. Our services are strictly complementary, and are by no means necessary. However, unless you’re experienced with the process, it can be cumbersome and time-consuming to figure out the details and coordinate everything, and there’s always the chance that something could slip through the cracks.  For us, we do this every day.  By using our service, you don’t have to worry about a thing, and it’s guaranteed to be done correctly.
4. What do I do if the publication deadline is already expired?
Some states do not have deadlines, and most do not have penalties. However, it’s best to publish anyway, just to have everything in order in case proof of publication (and good standing) are needed for obtaining financing or legal procedures/litigation, If your state does have a deadline and you are at risk of suffering the penalty, please contact us with a message explaining your case, and we’ll send you a personal response shortly.
5. What do the notices have to say?
Each state has a different requirement for the content of the notice. Sometimes only a name and date is needed, sometimes a copy of an official document, and sometimes a series of specific information about the company and its business. See our individual state pages for more details.  

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