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New York

Publication Requirement

The state of New York has more intricate publishing requirements than other states; however, it is also the state in which we have the most experience. Under threat of suspension, all limited liability companies (LLCs and PLLCs), limited partnerships (LPs), and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) must publish a legal notice with the requested information within 120 days of formation. These requirements apply to both domestic (in-state) and foreign (out-of-state) companies.

The notices must be published for six consecutive weeks in two newspapers: one newspaper with a daily run, and one with a weekly run. Both newspapers must be in the county of the business. Additionally, in order to complete the requirement, affidavits of publication from both newspapers must be filed with the Department of Corporations.

Types of Organization: LLCs, PLLCs, LPs, LLPs
Applies to Foreign (out-of-state):
Time Limit: within 120 days of formation
Publication Run: once a week for six consecutive weeks
Publication Guideline: “One newspaper must be ‘printed daily’ and the other ‘printed weekly.’”
Penalty for Not Publishing: suspension
Additional Requirements for: -

The New York LLC Law and Partnership Law include provisions regarding the publication required upon the formation or authorization of domestic and foreign limited liability companies, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships. The most common of these entities is the New York LLC.

Publishing must be done once a week for six successive weeks in two newspapers in the county in which the office of the New York LLC is located. One newspaper must be “printed daily” and the other “printed weekly.” The newspapers must be specifically designated by the county clerk.

After we finish publishing the New York LLC legal notice, the publisher of each newspaper will provide us with an Affidavit of Publication that attests to the fact that the publishing was done. EZ Legal Publishing will then file a Certificate of Publication with New York State, with the Affidavits of Publication included. New York State has a $50 filing fee for the Certificate of Publication (always included in our low flat fee publishing price).

New York LLC’s that are formed or authorized to do business in New York, which fail to comply with the publication requirements within 120 days after their formation or qualification will have their authority to carry on, conduct or transact any business suspended.

There are numerous rules and regulations which must be followed exactly. Some publishing services don’t follow the law and use the wrong information and newspapers for publishing. A New York LLC must publish correctly. Any missteps, errors, or typos may force you to re-publish your LLC notices from the beginning, and pay the newspapers again.

EZ Legal Publishing is a national leader in legal publishing requirements and is an expert in New York LLC publishing and its complex process.  Our rate listed is always an all-inclusive flat rate that includes everything from start to finish. EZ Legal Publishing guarantees that your published notice will be accurate and meet the New York Secretary of States publishing requirements for a New York LLC. We insure that the notices will be published without costly mistakes. You will receive and email confirmation upon receipt of your order as well as progress emails throughout the process.

Of course you’re free to handle the New York LLC publishing requirements yourself. Our service is offered only to ease the burden, and to ensure that everything is taken care of smoothly, quickly, and without error. While this may be your first time dealing with these regulations, we handle them every day. We have published thousands of New York LLC’s. We know which requirements apply where, and we work regularly with county clerks, government administrators, and the publishers of legal newspapers. After you supply the basic information we need, you won’t have to give it a second thought.

Furthermore, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Other publishing services will try to reel you in with hidden fees and implausible gimmicks. They will cite only their service fee at first, and then later reveal the additional government and newspaper fees.

All we need from you is some basic information about your company